Which Web Browser To Choose

Most internet usersĀ  do not think they have a choice when it comes to which web browser they use in Windows. They simply click on the blue “E” and go along their merry way. When their computer becomes “magically” infected with spyware after visiting certain web sites, they wonder why.

The reason, arguably, is that Microsoft Internet Explorer is notoriously insecure. Not to mention, web sites do not display properly sometimes on Internet Explorer. This is by design. In Microsoft’s perfect dream world, all users would be viewing web sites with Microsoft Internet Explorer which are being served by Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) web server and the site would be written in Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP) scripting language. […]

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Client’s Novell Netware On IBM Still Running Solid

Recently, I visited a client’s site to do some necessary upgrades to their desktop computers. They were running a mix of IBM brand computers loaded with Windows 2000 mostly. The upgrade went smoothly and just in passing, I took a look at their Novell Netware v6.0 server which is running on IBM x250 hardware.

While this might sound like older hardware (it actually is) the fact that it’s still running strong is a testament to IBM’s server-class computers and the rock-solid nature of Novell Netware. […]

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Export Firefox Passwords

Mozilla Firefox uses a great built-in password manager, however the only thing that is missing is the ability to export your saved login information. By exporting your login and password information you can save it to an external password management program. To add this functionality to Firefox, take a look at the aptly named Password Exporter add-on. […]

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AVG Free Version 9 Available Now

ForĀ  many years now we have recommended that our clients use AVG Free to protect their computers against viruses, trojan horses and spyware. Recently AVG released version 9 of their free anti-virus software and the features give a good reason to upgrade. From AVG’s site: […]

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