WordPress Support Services

For the past 5 years, anytime we needed to create a web site we have used WordPress. WordPress started out as a blogging platform but has evolved over the years into a very robust, yet easy to use, content management system (CMS) that can be used for any type of web site.

In response to our customer’s needs we have created everything from business blogs to simple “web brochure” sites to full-featured eCommerce sites, all using WordPress. Here’s a link to our WordPress Support page.

Once your web site set built on the WordPress platform, changing content and adding features is a complete breeze. All the management functions are menu-driven and best of all, you don’t have to learn how to code HTML. (see video below)

Examples of our work
A business web site providing information and service: CYPRESSSUPPLY.COM

An eCommerce site: COMPUTERFORMS.US

…and of course, our own site: DOMEX.COM


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Export Firefox Passwords

Mozilla Firefox uses a great built-in password manager, however the only thing that is missing is the ability to export your saved login information. By exporting your login and password information you can save it to an external password management program. To add this functionality to Firefox, take a look at the aptly named Password Exporter add-on. […]

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AVG Free Version 9 Available Now

ForĀ  many years now we have recommended that our clients use AVG Free to protect their computers against viruses, trojan horses and spyware. Recently AVG released version 9 of their free anti-virus software and the features give a good reason to upgrade. From AVG’s site: […]

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Sumatra PDF – A Lightweight PDF Reader

Adobe Reader was, for a long time, the only way to view documents created in Adobe’s Portable Document Format. Over time other software emerged to allow users to view these documents but the most “lightweight” example I’ve seen is Sumatra PDF reader. […]

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